In the last week or so, Christmas lights have been showing up all over the place.  Notably some of the roundabouts in the main roads.

Here is the main roundabout on the island.

A smaller one, yet very colorful!

Christmas trees at our local warehouse store ; a sort of Costco!

Note the price.  Ouch!  40$CI = +-49$US = 63$CAN

Not Christmas related, although I have been asked about this a few times recently.  Here are pictures of the masses of wild bush chickens that we see every time we go for a walk in our neighborhood.  They are island wide, so if ever you come to the Cayman Islands, expect to see them a lot.

Here they are just roaming around from property to property looking for food & whatnot.

More Christmas pictures in the coming weeks as more shows up!  Have seen some light on palm trees … will try to get some of those 🙂