In a few hours that is!  As of December 1st, the 2008 hurricane season will be in the history books and finished.  It was rough!  Here in Cayman we had four systems to deal with; two of them being serious threats, one quite far away and one passing as a tropical depression before becoming a Hurricane and hitting Texas.

So to recap :

1. Dolly in July

2. Gustav in August

3. Ike in September

4. Paloma in November

I think I speak for all the residents here when I say that we are very pleased that its over.  Its extremely stressful!

On the home front and because of the hot weather we have here, we have to shave our Husky mix since she is used to the snow and cold of the Canadian winters.  So every 2 weeks or so we shave her to take off a good amount of her coat.

Here she is before today’s visit to the “Micho salon” 🙂

15 minutes later ; the small mountain of fur I shaved off.

After ; a lot lighter color.  Not a huge difference visually, but she definitely seems to appreciate it when we do it.  Also, whatever we take off there will not end up on our floor since she sheds a LOT.  She is very easy to shave; she lies down on the ceramic and lets me do it.  I “flip” her over when I need to do the other side.  Great dog 🙂

The inlaws arrive next friday for an extended Christmas vacation and Christmas lights seems to be going up around the island!  Pictures to come in the next week or so.