I was gone from Cayman for just over two weeks.  Of course, before leaving, the house was in top shape and outside was taken care of ; hedges trimmed, grass cut, etc.

Well, during those two weeks it rained a lot and it was hot.  What happens then?  Things grow like mad.

Here are two pictures of my front lawn after two weeks of being unattended.  Usually its cut nice and short.  Now its a mess and needs to be cut ASAP … as soon as it stops raining and dries up a bit.

To give you an idea of the rain we are having, here is one episode we had this morning.  Its been like this on and off pretty much all day.  This afternoon it was nice and sunny so we went to do some errands.  When we got to the cash register at the supermarket, I looked outside and noticed it had started to rain like mad again.  Store clerks were escorting clients to their cars with large umbrellas.  However, 5 minutes later it stopped just as quickly as it started.

No hurricanes in sight.  Looks like the season may be over for us … lets hope!