Last week I had the  privilege to go for a few days to Malta.

First things first ; for those not familiar with Malta (I was not …), it is located southeast of Sicily & Italy.

Malta was fabulous! For anyone who is a history buff like myself, Malta has a large amount of it.  From the Ottoman empire, to Napoleon and the Second world war, Malta’s strategic location in the Mediterranean has made it an important location for centuries. 

Here is yours truly in Valetta, overlooking the harbour.

Here, my childhood friend Mathieu and his GF Lydia joined me for a few days.  They had planned a trip to Italy and made a “detour” to Malta when I told them I would be there for a few days for a conference. It was great to spend a bit of time with them even though most of the time I had my conference to attend.  How many childhood friends do you have who would take an extra plane to come and see you for one day or so?

Another view of this amazing place out towards the ocean.

The place where Napoleon stayed in the late 1700’s when the French took over.

St-John’s Co-cathedral.  WOW is all I can say.  This church has gotta be one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

I am now in Canada with Julie for a few days, returning to Cayman this week-end.  I miss my pets!!! I am also glad that there were no storms during our time outside of Cayman.  The shutters were all up & ready for a storm, but I greatly prefer that nothing at all happened. Looks like the season is coming to a close.  There is still October, but from what I saw last year and been told, after mid-october, its pretty much over.