Ike passed us last monday but something strange happened in the night of Thursday to Friday.  From what I was told, lots of very large waves crashed into George Town and on Seven mile beach. The  result was lots of beach erosion, many stones/pieces of coral and the beach looking terrible. Here are some pictures I took with my trusty Blackberry ; I had not taken my camera since I was not expecting to really see anything out of the ordinary.

This drop is by my estimates about 3-3.5ft.

The normally pristine beach is littered with stones and coral.  On the flip side, I am sure that by next week, the government and hotels/condos will have cleaned it all up!  I know after Gustav there was some damage & debris and it was all cleaned up quickly.  Seven mile beach is where most tourists stay, so has to be top shape.

On another note, I took the ocean drive back home the other day along the South Sound district.  There is a house that has been in construction for a while.  Let me tell you that this place will be massive.  I have heard figures of up to 30M$ for this place.  My feeling is that is somewhat high. However, it is definitely in the multimillion dollars in cost for sure.  When I passed by there were at the very least 12-15 people working on the site.

The pictures do not do this place justice.  Its absolutely HUGE with a great view of the ocean. I am sure the owner will enjoy it. It looks great ; hope I get invited to some event/function there 🙂