This week-end I finally started doing my open water diving certification. I had wanted to do this for a while and never really had the time.  I have 2/3 days done and let me tell you that its worth every penny. I must admit that doing this certification in one of the premier dive locations in the world (and versus doing it in a cold lake in Canada …) is awesome!

The 1st day is a mix of classroom and pool diving where we practiced techniques that we need to know for when we dive without an instructor.   Stuff like emptying a water filled mask underwater, what to do if you run out of air, how to avoid problems with decompression, etc.  Although its a class, its lots of fun and I learned lots of great stuff.  Day 2 was only a bit of classroom, about 1h in the pool and then two ocean dives. WOW!  On the second dive we went 50 or so feet deep and went to see the Sunset mermaid (see picture below) She is an 9ft tall bronze statue in 55ft of water. Lots of very colorful fish & coral to see also.

This is where we set out to sea ; from those stairs on the left. The ocean colors are quite inviting. The water is a very nice 81 degrees right now ; no need for a wetsuit.

The dive instructor Scott (a fellow Canadian) and myself with all the gear before our dive. Note the squinting because of the very strong 2pm sun.

On a final note, Grand Cayman is under Tropical storm watch since this morning for Hurricane Ike.  Although only a good amount of rain is expected on late Monday or Tuesday, we need to monitor this closely in case it turns south once it hits Cuba.  Lets hope the forecast is accurate.  Those poor Cubans look like that storm will almost pass though whole island!