Now that the moving & container is pretty much aligned, we need to find a place to live.  Today, I contacted two agents for houses that I visited at my last visit to Cayman 2 months ago.  We made offers to rent for both ; lets see how that plays out!  The first one is a bit “in the sticks” but slightly bigger than No. 2 & 1km from a really nice sandy beach. The second one is a brand new house, double garage & on a really nice canal.   Both are are in great locations & are “high & dry” with repect to hurricanes. Which one do you prefer?  Both in our opinion are great choices. Please use the comments section above if you have an opinion 🙂


House 1.



 This beach is quite nice & quiet.  There is great snorkeling to be done.  Only about 8-10 mins of walk from the house.



House 2 on the canal:

Front (there is probably grass by now)


 The back of the house, the deck & canal. The water is really clear and you can fish from there!