I got home from the office around 10am. It has now stopped raining and wind is virtually gone.  After getting home, I went for a drive and then to pick up my stuff.

All in all, very little damage which is great.  Our place has nothing at all. From my drive, I saw a few uprooted trees, broken twigs and that’s pretty much it.  There may be isolated incidents, but I think this was a “good” hurricane for Grand Cayman. What a sigh of relief. Here are some pictures and video’s I took this morning when I left the office. We dont even seem to have lost power at my place which is great since everything in the freezer and fridge is still cold … including the beer! 🙂

Here is a US Navy satellite picture around when the storm was the closest (3am Saturday, august 30th) to the Island.  We were really lucky! You can see that its much closer to the two sister islands.  They were not as lucky as us!

Here is a construction site near my office.  The “fence” was knocked down.  Minor stuff for sure.

When I got home, I was greeted by Niko, the neighborhood dog, with a wagging tail. What a sweetheart … ! 🙂

The bushes on our lot.  I can see in what direction the wind blew!

In Spotts. Probably the biggest tree I saw uprooted.

Wave action in George Town near Eden rock. No snorkeling today.

Seven mile beach.  Rather large waves.  No swimming here either today.

Video of wave action at Smith Cove

Eden rock just next downtown George Town

Seven mile beach (lots of wind noise on this one)

This will be the last Gustav post unless something of note comes up. I usually update this the blog every 7-14 days in “normal times”.  To get an email alert when I make a new post, simply click on “register” on the right to sign up.  I will not send you any other emails or spam ; I promise! 🙂