Summer is almost here (and hurricane season too unfortunately) and the heat is definitely back! After a nice and warm winter, the hot, humid and sweaty summer is back. Thank goodness for A/C. However, with the use of A/C, comes much bigger utility bills also. Oh well, nothings perfect!

Aipa for one does not seem bothered by the heat, which is quite amazing for a Husky. Here she is, in the blazing midday sun lying down in the driveway. I even called her to come inside and she did not move an inch. A few minutes later she slowly got up and came inside. Go figure!

Here is out window thermometer ; a lovely 34 degrees IN THE SHADE. In the sun its probably much more. Either you stay indoors or hit the beach with lots of water (or beer)

Finally, here is a place we love to go on week-ends. Its at the bitter east end of the island. Its always cool & breezy and a great place to pic-nick and read a book. BTW, no news about the Iguana deaths. So far there is a 12,000$ bounty, but no one has given the cops the information they need for an arrest. Hope they do find the person responsible.

Miles of deserted beaches … not much happening at this end of the island.

Those 4 cabanas and virtually always empty. There is rarely anyone else at this small beach, since its a 35-40 minute drive from Georgetown, so not many locals & tourist come all the way out here. The beach is not great for swimming (lots of algae) but simply a great place to relax, read or do nothing at all.