For any regular reader of this blog, you are certainly aware of my affection for animals ; dogs, birds, stingrays, chickens, etc. Todays’ post is different from the usually upbeat beach & good weather stuff.

Upon reading this mornings Caymanian Compass, the front page story ruined my whole day and then some!

It turns out that during the night of Saturday to Sunday, someone entered illegally the Queen Elizabeth II botanical park and killed 6 mature blue iguana’s. They also severely injured 3 others and 1 is missing for a total of 10 iguana’s.

During our numerous visits to the Botanical park, we have come to know the different ones and where they live since they are territorial animals. They are amazing creatures and we featured one of them in this blog a few months ago.

I truly hope that they catch those that did this. However, the fact remains that these are an endangered species and now about 1/3 of the population at the Botanical park have been savagely beaten or killed. It is estimated that only 400 are on the island and no where else on earth can you find these iguanas.

Here is the official website of the Cayman Blue Iguana’s. Beware in the press release, there are pictures of the dead Iguana’s.