Since last Sunday PM, a friend and work colleague from Montreal (formerly from the UK) is here to spend a week with us and go diving.

But before that, I took some pictures on my way back from BVI that I want to share. Here is the 1st one. Its the island of North Caicos in the Turks & Caicos Islands. The island that starts just under the wing is Providenciales where i have been a few times and where most people know it for its Club Med.

Upon my stop at the Miami airport for my connecting flight to Cayman, something on the board caught my eye. See the picture below:

Do you see it?

I saw it right away and was somewhat surprised : An American Airlines flight to Havana Cuba. I thought there was no such flights. Ill have to look into that. If anyone knows about this, drop me a line.

Back home, on Sunday morning, I saw this right in front of our house. Notice the very young chicks! I count four of them, Very cute 🙂

Now back to our visitor. Today, we went to the ever popular Stingray city. I was counting how many times I have been and am quite sure this is my 9th visit. To be honest, I don’t get bored of that place. Susan, for her first visit seemed to enjoy it thoroughly. Here she is getting ready to drive the boat 🙂

At stingray city there were very few boats today, so we had virtually all of the stingrays to ourselves. There were so many of them and they stayed with us for the whole 30 or so minutes we were with them. Here Susan is getting a hug from a rather large specimen!

After Stingray city, our friend Niko, the neighborhood dog, came over for a visit to the house. He did not smell very good, so I decided to give him a shower and use papaya (or something like that) scented shampoo. He’s a really good dog since he did not protest or try to run away.

Finally, before supper, we went for more snorkeling (and some reading) at Spotts beach which is a 5-minute drive from our house. At this place Susan & I saw 3 sea turtles, some flounders (the flat fish you get at the grocery …), 2 lobsters and a bunch of other fish.

Talk about a great day in gorgeous Grand Cayman!!!