So Hurricane Irma is now in the history books and we will never see her again.  In fact, when a storm is catastrophic, the name is “retired” and will never be used again.  Hurricane Ivan and Katrina are good example of this.  Good riddance.

So Irma caused major damage on, by my count, 8 nations/states.   Barbuda, Anguilla, BVI, USVI, Turks & Caicos, Cuba & Florida.  That is quite a destructive system, so many lives have been upended.   A number of friends from BVI are in the process of leaving the island due to not having a place to live and some, who work in the tourism industry, simply have no work/job since it will be months before tourists and hotels are able to welcome guests again.  In the TCI, where I “escaped” 24h before Irma, there are over 500 utility poles down on the island of Providenciales, so recovery will take a while. On the island of Grand Turk, sadly there is still almost no news 4 days after the storm.  It looks like Irma leveled all communications there.

On that, here are some more wave videos from this week-end in Cayman.  On Sunday, the waves were spectacular.  I felt lucky that was all we got and that I got out before the storm in TCI, all while thinking of my friends who were not so lucky.

Here was the scene in West Bay at “Macabuca” – always a favorite to see big waves.

This one is from Smith Cove.  I had never seen such big waves at this location.

So that was Irma.   Lets hope the rest of the 2017 hurricane season is quiet.  The statistical peak of the season was … yesterday Sept 10th.