At work its the annual “busy season” ; lots of client and lots of work. Few US trips to Miami, NY & LA coming up. This period usually goes from January to March ; perfectly normal in an accounting firm. Its also busy season for visitors! After Julie’s parents, Laurent & Terri-Ann, Julie’ best friend will be over in 4 weeks. Then a buddy of mine will be over for easter in March.

During one of our east end drives, we stopped to look a bit at the blowholes. These holes, which are found in the iron shore give a pretty good show. Below are a few samples of the blowholes. Also, here is a short YouTube video of a larger and more impressive blowhole. (This video was taken by Julie’s dad) As you will see in the video, we almost got very wet since a very large wave can in as surprised us.




This last picture was taken by Laurent when he was with us. Although I am very used to driving on the other side of the road and having the wheel on the right, I must admit it still looks funny when you actually look at it in a picture. I guess thats what happens after 15 years of driving on the other side does to you!