A few days ago I posted about Hurricane Irma getting closer to the Turks & Caicos Islands, where I was for work.  I am glad to say that I made it out, and without a moment to spare.  This page is a quick summary of my escape.  That being said, my ordeal is nothing compared to what has happened to the folks in Barbuda, St-Martin, St-Barts, Anguilla & the BVI so far – I am sure you have all seen pictures ; so sad. Over the years I have made many friends in these islands and am worried for them.  For long time readers of this blog, you know I love animals. I’m also thinking about the flamingos, donkeys & many, many other kinds of animals which will be affected by this monster storm.

As of typing this, the storm is passing over the Turks & Caicos Island.  The eye is almost passed Grand Turk where I was Sunday-Tuesday (“Cockburn town” on picture below) and will get to Providenciales a bit later tonight, where I was until yesterday late afternoon.  I am sure that by tomorrow afternoon pictures will start to emerge on social media. I am worried about what they may look like.  The most scary forecast is the storm surge ; which is extra height the “regular” tide can get.  For the TCI, it is a whopping 15-20ft.  In essence, places near the ocean may be underwater.

As of right now in the TCI. 🙁  This is essentially a direct hit.

So back to Providenciales.  Yesterday afternoon.  Lots of people catching a flight out.  Although busy, things were happening in an orderly fashion.  No panicking!

These were the last flights to Canada & the US.

These are the last InterCaribbean flights to Jamaica! If not on one of these planes, you are out of luck.  So I was lucky that I booked the last flight out.  I was quite nervous ; I got to the airport 4h before the flight was scheduled.  I guess I was concerned of getting “bumped” or that they decide to leaver earlier due to the incoming storm, etc.  Anyway, I had never been so happy to have a boarding pass in my hands.

So my flight to Kingston Jamaica, apparently the last one, left just before 5pm and the airport officially closed at 6pm.  The picture below is next morning, today (Sept 7th) from Kingston Jamaica.  The entire InterCaribbean fleet is now here.  For obvious reasons, they will not leave them in the TCI.  They will return one the airport has been reopened and the will likely carry supplies with them.

Finally, my ride back to Cayman.   Since my route back to Cayman was unusual – normally I would have flown back to Cayman via Miami, I had to spend the night in Kingston and this morning catch the daily Cayman Airways flight back to Cayman.

After all of this, this was a sight sore eyes!

Not sure if I will post again about Irma. Cayman, a part from maybe some rain this week-end, will not have any impact.

An important note: If you chose to make a donation to any relief effort, please make sure you are giving to a legit organization/charity.  After Hurricane Harvey in the US, may online scams/emails were circulating.  So best to make sure your are giving to a cause that will actually help the people in need.