A little while ago, the ocean in George Town was probably the calmest I had ever seen it.  When its that calm, you can take snorkeling a bit farther out to sea especially with the lack of currents we have in the area.

So it was a return to Eden Rock ; a local favorite. As you can see by the first pic below; crystal clear visibility and almost no wave action – Cayman snorkeling at its finest.

This being Eden Rock, the swim out to the coral formations is a few hundred feet out from shore.  Here is a shot back towards where we left off and some of the George Town office buildings where a few of my clients have a stellar view from their desks.

Many grotto’s and caves at Eden Rock, which is why this is also a popular spot for divers.

Some nice “brain coral”.  Obvious name for these formations!

A selfie shows you how clear the water is.  The sun was really strong so to avoid a sunburn on my back, wore a surf shirt for this outing ; was a smart move.

Plenty of anemones around here.  Very pretty!

Here is a cool video I took of one of my favorite things to see when snorkeling: a school a blue tangs.  Something about these guys just puts a massive smile on my face.  Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this short video of them.  They were in +15ft of water and at one point I dove down to get closer.

This is what is looks like from the sky. Note the Eden Rock diving center at the bottom.  You have to swim out to those dark formations. A few hundred feet, but well worth the effort.

If ever in Cayman and the ocean is calm, this is a great place to snorkel.  Since its a bit of a swim, i’d advise novice snorkelers to wear a life vest (you can rent one on-site) Also, never go out there alone – its far away from help if you get into trouble!