As is the tradition, in early December many people bring out the Christmas lights, many Christmas lights!

In recent years, some of the “Roundabouts” have really stepped up their game.  The roundabouts in Cayman are mostly sponsored. We have the “Butterfield Roundabout”, “Cayman National Roundabout”, “Island Heritage Roundabout” and the list goes on. As you can see, its a corporate thing.

There is also the house in South Sound that always puts on an impressive show as you can see in the 3 pictures below.  By far the most lights at a residence on the island although the Creighton property towards the east also outs on a good show.

Here are two of the Roundabouts I was talking about.

Another new addition are the “falling snow” or stars lights.  Very pretty.  For this, I had to make some videos to show.  Anyway, I hope you will like the videos, they should give you a much better feel for this festival of lights.



In closing, Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to everyone reading this!

Ill post again in the new year of course. 🙂