In November, the latest and greatest of Hotels in Grand Cayman opened.

For those of you who have been coming to Cayman for a long time, this new property, called the Kimpton Seafire, is located on the spot of the old Courtyard Marriott (called Holiday Inn before that in the 1990’s).  That is adjacent to the Public beach section of Seven Mile beach.  This new hotel has been in construction for around 2-years now. From what I can see, the hotel part (below picture – right) is completed.  The residences/condos (below picture -left) I think are “almost” ready but not sure. It looked to me as if they were still outfitting the inside parts. Outside looked done.  The hotel part is in an “L” shape going towards the beach.  The condo building is a rectangle.

Anyway, here is the place.  Its big – definitely the biggest structures in the Cayman Islands.  This is the view from the road – beach is other side of the buildings.


Of course walked around – all is very nicely done.  The landscaping is very pretty and everything (obviously) feels very new.

img_20161202_131012 img_20161202_131026

Apart from the main buildings, here are the “Beachfront Bungalows” – very nice, intimate and super close to the beach.



And of course the beach.  West Bay road was moved east a few years ago to make this possible.  Where I am standing here, used to be a busy road. Much better now 🙂


Pretty neat little “mini cabanas” for beach-goers.


Clearly very recent – note the stilts on the palms.  Since they were only planted a few weeks/months ago, they need to be propped up until they can form proper roots.


I looked down and noted that the paving stones were somewhat different.  I looks like the builders decided to add broken glass to the them.  Assuming they were made in Cayman, this is awesome since there is currently very little local recycling of glass. It makes for pretty blocks and probably reflect some light at night.


A final view back toward the hotel from the beach.

img_20161202_131148  img_20161202_131229

We are having our office Christmas party here next, so will be nice to see this in the evening!  Very much looking forward to it.

Cayman Islands Marathon is tomorrow – Race review coming soon of course 🙂