Once again, end of October means Halloween and of  course the 10-10-10 relay race in the east end. What started as a very small race six years ago, is not a very popular event. Its the last “real” race before the marathon in early December, so it attracts a number of very strong runners.

It was a lovely Sunday morning to run ; as always, very few cars and quite sunny.

Here I am around East End village (the last leg) chugging along.



At the finish line with my teammates. Craig, left is from South Africa and Dan in the middle from Windsor, Canada.


We did quite well – finishing first in the corporate teams category!  yay 🙂


On my way back from the East End, I stopped at the East End lighthouse – had seen the sign a million times, but never stopped.

img_0189 img_0190

There are a number of informational plaques explaining the history of the lighthouse.  Today there is just an automated navigational light.  Anyway, an interesting historical (and short) stop if you are driving around the area.

Finally, in my 10-10-10 race report for 2015, I posted a picture of a big house being built in Bodden Town.  Its so big, that although the project is quite advanced, its still not complete. What a house it is! Its starting to look really nice.


The weather in Cayman is quite amazing right now – not too hot, fabulous evenings. Hope this stays the case for the weekend of the marathon. Hurricane season is almost over – another year with nothing.  Great! 🙂

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