I recently had some travel to the British Virgin Islands – or BVI as many people call them.  I generally go to the BVI 1-2x per year for work and usually do not stay the week-end.  This time, due to some scheduling issues, I spent a week there which included a week-end.  On the Saturday, I made my way to the island of Virgin Gorda which is a short boat ride away.  Julie & I have been twice before quite a few years ago.  We loved it and I was eager to go back.   The BVI are very mountainous, so a nice change of pace from Cayman.

One of the first views I got to enjoy ; Savannah Bay.   Makes for great pictures. As you can see, Virgin Gorda is not very developed. I am told there are +-5,000 residents.


Now for the wiew from one of the highest peaks. Wow

The island to the far left is Richard Branson’s Necker Island.  The small one in the very middle, behind the larger one, is Eustasia.  Unconfirmed reports say that Larry Page, one of the two founders of Google is the owner.  Whoever it is, they sure have a lovely spot.


Next up is The Baths – one of Julie’s favorite spots ever. The Baths is a section of Virgin Gorda that is littered with massive granite boulders.  Some of these boulders are the size of apartment buildings – massive.  Some theories say they were left here during the ice age.  Whatever it was, it sure made for a spectacular place.


This is probably the most photographed place – an inner cavern with nice shallow water. Any Google search for The Baths will have you looking almost immediately at a very similar picture as the one below.


One of the the more secluded beaches ; Devil’s Bay. To get here, you need to do a 15 minute “hike” through the boulder formation – great fun and well worth it.


Here I am (probably …) reflecting on the beauty of this place and how lucky I am to travel to all of these amazing places.


Of course the snorkeling.  The timing was right for Silersides – essentially minnows.  Millions of them!  The pictures do not do justice to the sights I saw – sometimes there were so many, that the only thing I could see were small fish all around me ; a wall of fish.  Amazing.



Ok so that’s it – as you can see I had a great time in Virgin Gorda, or “VG” as the locals call it.   🙂