Hi everyone,

Well, its been 3 weeks since I stopped working in Montreal and started working full time on the move to Grand Cayman. Quite honestly, I was never expecting this to be so much work! For all who think that moving to the sunny Caribbean is a walk in the park, you are so wrong! I am sure its all worth the effort though.
So far, we have done :

* Sold the house
* Sold the car (I have to walk now ; feels funny)
* Sold loads of stuff and load of useless stuff I did not even know we had
* Sold the fish & aquariums
* Started to cancel bank accounts, memberships, credit cards, etc
* Got the dog her shots
* Sent the dog’s blood samples to Kansas for analysis via overnight FedEx with dry ice
* Got the bird his examination & medication
* Got the bird placed under home quarantine
* Got the bird tested for a load of different diseases (tests negative) 🙂
* Placed tons of phone calls to USDA for bird & dog
* Reserved a 20ft container from Tropical shipping
* Contacted a gazillion movers to fill the container
* Contacted bunch of trucking companies to pick up the container & bring it back to get on the boat
* Contacted many insurance brokers to insure our stuff in the container while on the high seas
* Talking to agents in Cayman to reserve a house

Thats about it … for now. So, to all my ex-coworkers who think I am slacking at home sipping a Mojito as if I were on the beach, I am working just as hard as you are! 🙂