Recently I had some friends on island ; they are former neighbors from Canada who I have stayed in touch with and read this blog! 🙂

They are staying in the East End, so I suggested that we spend a day together and go to Stingray City.

Before going to Stingray City, what kind of “Tour Guide” would I be if I did not show them Seven Mile Beach!  Here is Orline and his daughter Marina enjoying Cayman’s warm and crazy clear waters.


On our way out to Stingray City, I noted this house I had not seen before. I like it. Looks like it was built in the last 2 years or so which is pretty much the time since I last went to Stingray City.


Getting closer. Rum Point in the distance.


Almost there.  The colors today are out of this world.


And here come the stingrays. They are attracted by the noise of the engines.  That is there queue ; they know “new” people have arrived and that free food will soon be given out.


It was great to see my former neighbors.  I like to think that them reading my blog over the last years had something to do with them visiting.  Going to Stingray City was a bonus! Considering the rain we had recently (see last post) we were quite lucky.


I reckon its my +-10th visit and its always as much fun. Hope to see you again sometime Jana, Marina & Orline.  I hope you got to see/do all that you had planned for in Grand Cayman.  🙂