A recent article in the local newspaper got me intrigued.  The article discussed a place that has a whole bunch of “Concrete sculptures” of different local animals.  Of course, I had to go check it out 🙂  Its on the North Side.  So when you drive from town to the East, head up Frand Sound Road to cross the island.  At the top, instead of heading left to Rum Point, take a right.  Then drive maybe 1km (.6mile) Its on the left hand side.

Here is the spot and you are  looking for.


Here are the statues.  They are BIG.  Difficult to appreciate the size. The top of this guy’s head is probably close to 5ft high.  Head to tail i’d say at least 10ft long. Impressive work.


Nice stingray.

IMG_0058    IMG_0054

Even some flying fish 🙂

IMG_0053 IMG_0052

Crab was quite cool.  Its also very big!


Claudette the crab … get it? 🙂

IMG_0048  IMG_0059

Even some concrete chickens and chicks

IMG_0062 IMG_0063

Of course there were some of the real thing on hand 🙂  I suspect someone here feeds them since they followed me around and seemed to expect food.


If you are in the area or driving around on the North Side (its <10 mins from Morritts/Reef Resort) and is well worth the stop.  I am sure most kids would also enjoy this.  There is no entrance fee – free is always good!

Here is the newspaper article in case you are interested.