Beautiful weather here in the last few weeks. The hot & humid days are gone till next June comes along. We can now spend way more time outside and at the beach.

It was a great day to do some chores outside and hit the beach. One of the things was to take down the hurricane shutters.  We figure its alright to do it now ; officially hurricane season end November 3oth, but there is nothing on the horizon and most of our Caymanian neighbors have taken theirs down in the last few weeks, I would say its safe!   So no more hurricanes (or risk of) until next season comes along in June 2008.  After  the shutters and while cutting the grass, I spotted this guy in the tree. These green iguanas are quite common on the island, but tend to stay closer to the water.


Our course, then came the traditional car wash 🙂


Then on our way to the beach we saw that there was a Cricket tournament. Seemed like a big event with sponsors, tents & all.


Finally, here is Aipa with her new water toy. Its a “Kong” that is attached to a yellow cord and that floats. We toss it in the ocean and she jumps right in to get it.


A business trip to Turks & Caicos is coming soon ; stay tuned for some pictures!