That tropical depression I mentionned in my previous post is now Tropical storm Noel.  Thats the bad news. The good news is that it has turned north instead of keeping on west towards Cayman.

Tomorrow I am heading to Miami for two days. Its of course a client visit, but also one evening of shopping.  Julie has a whole list of stuff for me although not as much has usual since we did buy lots when we were in Quebec.  A co-worker of mine also asked me to get a digital camera for her.  It seems that the word is getting out that I know my stuff when it comes to electronics. 🙂

 Here is Noel, looks like he is going to visit Fidel’s island. Good luck to them.  From the reports I have read, Noel seems to be dropping LOTS of rain wherever he has gone.

 Have a nice week everyone.  Please dont be shy to leave comments.