As I have often done in the past, I had to go to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands for a few days.  This time I stayed an extra day and went sailing with some friends.  What a great day it was.   The itinerary was to head out towards another of the BVI’s ; Jost Van Dyke.

Here is our Catamaran for the day ; the view is while I was snorkeling in the clear waters off Jost Van Dyke.


Awesome waters colors, just like in Cayman


This is where we did the snorkeling.  Nice & calm spot.


Next we made our way to “Sandy Pit” which for me was the highlight of the whole day.  Sandy pit is a tiny deserted island a few hundred yards off Jost Van Dyke.  As you will see it is absolutely picture perfect.

Here is is from the boat; quite a popular place as you can see.  What you see in the picture below is essentially 90% of the island ; the picture cuts off a small part on the right.


On the island … WOW!


So that was my sailing day in the BVI.  The other really neat thing about my trip was the flight to/from San Juan. Since American Airlines stopped service to many of the small islands from San Juan, I took a flight on “Cape Air”.

Cape Air provides air service to Tortola via San Juan on 10-seater Cessna’s.  A friend of mine had told me about a particularity of this air service and I made sure to use that information for my benefit : There is only one pilot, so if you ask and are quick enough, you can sit in front with the pilot, in the co-pilot seat 🙂

Here I am in the co-pilot seat just before takeoff.


Enjoying the view from the front seat


Sitting right next to the most important man on the plane … if anything happens to him, I have to fly.  Probably not a good idea!


Finally, here is a short video of takeoff from San Juan. Its such a different view from what i am used to sitting in a “normal” plane looking out the side and often over a wing.