The Sun in Cayman is so predominant in our daily lives, that I seem to forget its beauty and importance.  Maybe i’m getting a bit sentimental here, but we are so lucky to have an abundance of it here that we sort of take it for granted.

I read somewhere recently that the Cayman Islands get on average 300 days of sunshine a year; I have no problem believing that.

Anyway, so to keep on my sun theme, here are what i think are some really neat pictures I recently took of the sunset.  The first two were taken from what is becoming my favorite spot on the island ; Spotts Beach.  Even though the clouds were blocking the sun, the light came though and gave us an amazing show.  A note about Spotts beach ; the last time I went snorkeling there I saw 8 turtles.  If you want some awesome snorkeling experience, this beach is worth driving out of town a bit to.



At Rum Point.  This is a picture with Julie’s friend (who has since gone back home) taking pictures of the sunset.  This picture came out quite well.


On one of the days, the ladies made a pick-nick at Smith Cove. I joined them over my lunch hour.  Of course a typical awesome December day ; plenty of sun and calm sea.  Of course since this was during the week and it’s not yet peak tourist season, the beach was not busy at all. Gotta love the massive contrast ; ocean/beach and business attire! It looks like a picture they could use to get people to come live & work here.


My final though of this post about what is going on in the East End.

Here it is:

IMG_4951 IMG_4953

Cayman Health City will be opening sometime in February 2014.  This brand new facility (140 rooms) is a project by Indian doctor Devi Shetti, a world renowned heart surgeon. This facility will be for “medical tourists” from around the world to come to Cayman and have cardiac surgeries at better prices than in countries such as the US.   The building of the facility is definitely a boost for the local economy, not just for building staff, but for the island as a whole.  Medical tourists = individuals who will comes for weeks at a time, which brings in a lot more revenue than for example a cruise tourist.  In any case, it should be interesting to see how this unfolds.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!