A few posts ago I mentioned “The Reef Resort”.

Well, Julie and I had the opportunity to spend the week-end here, a sort of “Staycation”, a term used very liberally in the Cayman Islands.  Very nice place.  In order to give you some context here is where the resort is located ; all the way at the north-eastern tip of the island.  (Note the green “A” on the map below) Its a good 45 minute drive from George Town.  A lovely 45 minute drive might I add!


So here was the view from our room.   I think we can all agree that is was pretty awesome.  We had perfect weather the whole week-end we stayed here.  The beach is protected by a reef which is about 1000ft out. (note the while line of crashing waves in the ocean – that is where the barrier reef is)  Inside the reef the water is mostly under 10ft deep and great for snorkeling.  The best snorkeling though was near the pier where I estimate there were 500 fish hanging out.  Under the pier at the Morritts (the next door hotel) there were about 2x the amount along with a family of large Tarpons.  Lots of great stuff to see.  I also saw a stingray right near the pier.

IMG_4893 IMG_4894

On the pier directly in front of the complex (can also be seen through the palm trees above) a pelican landed for a brief visit. As I have posted in the past, there seem to be very few of these birds in Cayman for a reason I cannot explain.


These Sandpipers kept me amused while I was lounging in a beach chair 50ft or so from the ocean.  They would run up & down the beach in groups of 10-20 looking for food and quarreling amongst each other.  Not to mention i found them to be quite cute. Definitely lazy Saturday afternoon beach entertainment!


Julie was more amused by her Kindle than the sandpipers 🙂  Note that in the east end of Cayman it can get quite windy hence she covered herself up a bit.


A nice shot of the beach while we took a walk from one end to the other.


This was our first stay at The Reef resort and I must say it was very enjoyable.  At night the surroundings are pitch black and do not be surprised if you find yourself falling asleep early ; its also very quiet due to there being almost no traffic, music or any other source of noise outside of the waves crashing on the shore and the distant reef.   I have always liked the East End of Cayman and now having spent a whole week-end here like it even more.