Late this afternoon we were treated to a great light show … lightning that is.   WOW.   Very loud and very bright.  More than any other place I have ever been, I find the storm systems we have in Cayman to be extremely powerful.  They pack a serious punch of “BOOM”.  If its close enough, its enough to scare lots of people.  Dogs also do not appreciate these.  I for one really enjoy this natural spectacle.  Do you?

This afternoons storm was particularly intense and I managed to get some pictures.

Here is one good zap!

Snapshot 2 (02-Nov-13 8-58 PM)

The aftermath … an intense white flash that lit everything up.

Snapshot 3 (02-Nov-13 8-59 PM)

and another zap.

Snapshot 4 (02-Nov-13 8-59 PM)

The whole thing lasted about one hour and surprisingly very little rain.  The darkest parts of this system were south of us, so over the ocean.

Amazingly, this pics was taken just a hours before.  Nice and sunny!  Clear skies and calm sea.  I went diving this morning with two friends of mine near the Turtle farm; a place called by locals as “Macabuca” .   We even saw four turtles swimming around.  The water is still a very comfortable 85 degrees ; note no one is wearing a wet suit.


I think we can put today in the “awesome day” category. 🙂