This week there was a really interesting article in our local paper.  It turns out that during WWII there was some action in the Caribbean ; who knew!  As you saw from my post in France, the whole WWII thing is of great interest to me, mainly because of my family’s involvement in it (amongst other things my grandfather was a bomber pilot for the RAF)

So back to the local aspect.   It seems the the Germans sent Uboats (submarines) all the way to the Caribbean to patrol and sink merchant ships likely destined for the UK.  I honestly had no idea they came this far south.  So how is this relevant to Cayman?

Well just this week in downtown George Town, they installed a refurbished Uboat lookout post. You can see it here below.  When I went to check it out, there was a local TV crew making a report about it.  It is located at “Fort George”.  This hut, was perched up about that high and was manned with individuals on the looking for uboat periscopes off the coast.  My understanding is that none were ever seen directly off Grand Cayman.


Here is a bit more information.  Interesting stuff. I had no idea the US military ever had a presence in Cayman.

IMG_4051 IMG_4053


Here is the link to the article in the Caymanian Compass.

I guess there is always new stuff to learn about, even in a place as small as the Cayman Islands 🙂