Spotts beach is what I would call one of Grand Cayman’s hidden gems.  Its a rather small beach, but has some unique features to offer.  For those that are wondering, Spotts beach is on the southern coast of Grand Cayman, just before getting to Savannah.

Here is Spotts beach.  Of course, this amazing color is not the unique feature 🙂  But, I have to admit it makes for great pictures.   The dark patches are sea grass.



Today we had a strange long cloud formation over Cayman. This cloud spanned almost the entire island from what I could see from the beach.   No rain though and plenty hot!


Did I mention it was hot today?  It was really hot!  A trip to the beach for some snorkeling was a must.



Ok, so the unique feature at Spotts beach is unfortunately something I don’t have a picture of.  That sea grass I mention earlier : its a favorite of turtles!  90% of the time we snorkel here, we see at least one turtle eating away.  If we just float and watch they don’t seem to mind and will carry on with their lunch.  Its a lovely spectacle.   Also, its a great place for people who love to snorkel but who are not necessarily comfortable in the water or afraid of the deep (not our case though …).  The whole beach is protected by a reef +- 300 ft out.  Inside the reef water rarely is more than 8ft deep and many places you could stand up if needed.

To the east of the beach along the coast, some pretty big wave action can be seen.



On the other end of the beach, someone’s property and stairs go directly to the beach; how awesome is that?



Finally, we even had a plane come in fairly close for a look.  This United 737 was likely doing a “go around” after a missed landing or needed to go for a spin because of other traffic on our lone runway which is quite possible on a Saturday. Note how blue the sky was.



If you are in Cayman and have a car to go east, I definitely suggest a stop at Spotts beach.  If you want to see the turtles, swim out to the left of the pier (the pier is right at the middle of the beach) and go about 100ft past the pier.  Once there, swim around without making too much noise and odds are you will see at least one turtle. I once saw 8 in one outing.