This week-end we are experiencing some cold(ish) weather and some very rough seas.   No diving on the west/north sides this week-end for sure.  There is also a small boat warning in effect due to the choppy seas. They call these winter systems “Nor’westers” since they come from (you guessed it … ) the north-west.  They are remnants of winter systems in the US and mainly affect (wait for it …) the north western parts of the Island ; in essence Seven Mile Beach and George Town.

So this Sunday morning I went for a drive to see what all the fuss is about ; very choppy indeed!

Here is Seven Mile beach.   Lots of large waves and not a soul in the water.


For your next vacation here, I hope you did not plan to stay at the former Courtyard Marriott!  The place is now simply a shell and they plan to completely tear it down and build a new luxury hotel. This place has some sentimental value for us ; we stayed here during our first visit ever to Cayman in 2005.  I even remember the room location ; window all the way to the left, second from top.  This hotel had been closed since Hurricane Gustav in 2008 so in a way I am glad something is finally done to what was becoming an eye sore.


Now to George Town.  The wave action is even more fearsome here.  This is Eden Rock ; notice the handlebars to go into the water for snorkeling.  Usually the water here is calm and crystal clear.


Here is a short video I made since the pictures do not do justice to the force of these things.  The best waves are near the end.

Meanwhile, on the southern side of the island …


This is the cloud that dropped quite a bit of water on GT and caught many runners and tourists off guard and scrambling for cover.

This system is expected to be over very soon ; so back to normal heat & sun in the following days.   Looks like diving is on the program next Saturday 🙂