So August is here and I am unfortunately not making a post about Ernest Hemingway or some trip to Cuba, but of a looming storm.   From my memory, the last storm that actually threatened (or hit) Cayman was Paloma in 2008.  Since then, its either just been “lots of rain” or the storms have turned north heading mainly towards Bermuda or out to the Atlantic.

So here is what I am talking about.  As you can see, the computer models put it the center of the system close to Cayman sometime Monday afternoon or late in the day.

As of right now, everything is calm. People at the grocery seemed to be buying a bit more, but no panic or anything like that.  The general feeling seems to be that we will get something, but probably just a lot of rain or at worst a Category 1 hurricane.  From my now 5-years of experience with this type of weather, Cat 1 is sort of OK (but still no fun …) and anything above Cat 3 all bets are off.  The US National Hurricane Center forecasts, as of right now, at most a Cat 1.  Not taking any chances ; supplies are purchased and may go to my office if needed. Anyway, the next 24-36h should give us a much better idea of what will happen.

Stay tuned for more updates this week-end.

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