A while ago I posted about a solitary pelican that could be seen on a lamp pole along the road in Prospect.

Here is that post:   http://micho.org/cayblog/?p=1901

In today’s paper was an article that made me very sad. I try to keep this blog upbeat, since its in my nature, but when things happen to animals it really gets to me.

So it turns out that this lovely bird was likely killed by some fishermen by being beaten with oars.   The bird was taken to the vet but had to be euthanized 🙁

If anyone has any information, there is a  number in the article (see link) that can be called to report these cruel people.

“According to the Department of Environment, it was likely this pelican was the same one people commuting from Prospect had been seeing in recent months, perched on top of a CUC pole in the central road reservation.”


That is all …