… for all of those Christmas lights we all love here in Cayman.  Once again, the usual suspects have put on quite a show for us. There is however a new player in town.   The property below is when driving east along the coast, near Spotts.  It is a house that was built a bit over a year ago and this year they are putting on quite a show.  Unfortunately though, like some of the other homes, we are not allowed on the property, so my pictures were limited from the street and between the bars of the gate.

This is the view from across the street.

Though the gate ; the driveway leading to the house.

Of course, there is the Creighton property. I have featured this house pretty much every year so far. I still look at it when driving past. I cant help but wonder though what this guys utility bill must be like.  🙂


Finally, I came upon a really nice promotional video for Cayman. Its a wedding promo video, but that does not matter 🙂  I REALLY like this video of Cayman. If this does not make you want to come to Cayman, I am not sure what will.

For those who have visited before, most of the sites in the video are easily identifiable. The only one that had me wondering is the scene with the lake and the lush forest/vegetation.  I had to think about it : it’s the botanical garden on Frank Sound Road in the East end!