When flying back to Cayman a few days ago,  I experienced something new : an aborted landing.  What happened was that just a few hundred meters from the runway, a massive rain started and obviously hampered visibility.   I had a window seat and the rain was hitting the wings quite violently.  It is rainy season right now, so this is not totally unexpected.  However, what always amazes me is that these isolated showers are generally small clusters of a massive amount of rain.   10 minutes and its all done … and we are all wet. So the pilot hit the gas and we went up, out of the weather and cruised around for a little while.

Of course I got some pictures of this event!  My trusty compact Canon camera is never far away. Georgetown is essentially engulfed in that small storm cell.

Now west of Grand Cayman and looking east ; beyond the cruise ship is town …  the ship is a few seconds away from getting very wet.

Now in the middle of Cayman (over the North Sound) looking east … we flew around for 10 minutes or so and are now ready to land from the opposite end of the runway ; storm is now out to sea and over that cruise ship.


Just yesterday, I had the opportunity to go boating with some people from the office.  On the way out via the North Sound, we spotted the mosquito plane coming up behind us.  It was very neat to get such a close up view of this plane while it was in the air.   Sorry for the shaky video, in my defense, I was on a speeding boat when this was was taken.

Now for our office meeting. It was at Starfish point, not far from Rum Point.  You can get here by car.  Great place for an afternoon drink … note the coolers, no one got dehydrated  🙂

… and BBQ.  Our office had arranged for a local cook to come out and BBQ some Jerk chicken and pork as well as rice & beans and salad.   We has also invited some clients to join us. Awesome Friday afternoon.