Last night we had a major storm pass by.  The lightning and thunder were like being in a war zone ; sorta made me think about the combat scenes you see/hear on CNN!  It also rained like mad for quite a while.

This morning when going to the grocery, this is what we saw not too far from our house.  Of course, with the Mazda 3 we have, we had to take another route. We were not mistaken, it had rained a whole lot.




On the side of our house, we then noticed that there was a large accumulation of water.  As you can see, it continues onto the lawn of our neighbor.


Finally, while I was in the Virgin Islands, Julie started to make a screen door.  We wanted one since we could not leave the door open without having bugs come in the house, so we always had the a/c on.  Julie build the door, I helped a bit.  Looks really good, dont you think?