I flew last sunday to BVI for some work at our office over there.  Absolutely beautiful place ; mountains, lush vegetation, not too developed, etc.  Its a hassle to get there though : Cayman to Miami to SanJuan to Tortola (BVI).  The return trip is exactly the same.

 The hills are a great challenge to drive ; very steep, sharp turns and brake smoking descents. Fun, fun! 🙂  My hotel was on one of the nicer beaches on the island ; Cane Garden Bay.  Glad to be back in Cayman with Julie now!

 A view of Cane Garden Bay.  My hotel was just off the beach, at the other end.


Brewers bay ; a spectacular beach with coral reefs just meters from shore. See them?


View from the office I was using.  You can see how lush it is compared to Cayman. Notice the rainbow!


From San Juan to Tortola its a prop plane, a “Super ATR”.  Its a 60ish seater and it takes about 25 minutes to fly from Tortola to San Juan.