Note: I made two posts today …  see below.

About the list.  In Trip Advisor’s annual selection of best destinations based on user input, Grand Cayman comes in 1st in the “Mexico & Caribbean” category.  Quite impressive.  I am sure that almost anyone who has visited this lovely place will agree with this assessment.

So it’s the end of May and unfortunately Hurricane season.  The ocean water is super warm (nice to swim in …) and outside its been a scorcher daily for the last month or so.  The word on the street is that the Caribbean’s luck will probably run out this summer.  I really hope that we are wrong. In a nutshell, hurricanes “feed” on warm water.  The warmer the water, the bigger and stronger the storms get.  Since we have been having very warm weather (hence warm water …) since April, it does not bode well.  The organizations that forecast these storms have predicted a very active season. We are allowed one more year of fully-comprehensive insurance for our beloved Honda CRV (it will be 10 years old so its the last year per local insurance companies), so I will be sure to renew it when it comes due in July ; better be safe than sorry.

33 in the shade today!

The good thing about the heat is that the mangoes are ready and absolutely delicious.  This will all be over in 10-days to two weeks so enjoying it right now. 🙂

One thing I hear friends in Canada and the US (and in the news) complain about a lot is the price of gas. Well, here on our little island, with a smaller purchasing power + additional transportation costs, we have been feeling the pain.  Here is the current price for regular when I filled up last night.  The price is in Cayman dollars of one Imperial gallon.

According to my calculations, that comes out to 1.60$/liter and exactly 6$US per US gallon. Ouch! The price of living in the Caribbean I guess.