I recently had the privilege of going to Ireland for a quick business trip. I was not to sure what to expect since Ireland was never on my radar screen for potential work and/or visit.

I must admit I really liked my visit.  I had some time for some sightseeing around town and also a quick trip in the countryside.

First stop, the most important place in town (or so I was told) The Guinness Brewery.  Very interesting.  The founder (Mr. Guinness …) sure had a good feeling that the business would be successful.  In fact, he signed a 9000 year (yes years) lease for the brewery @ £45 per year. (+-75$US as of writing) Impressive and the current operators of the brewery must be laughing to the bank every time they show a profit at the end of the year.

Here I am testing the product at the Gravity bar at the top of the Guinness Brewery.  The bar gives a 360 view of the city. One thing you notice right away is that there are very few high buildings.  In fact, the bar where I was seemed to be the highest point.

Now off to the countryside. Getting there was half the fun.  Rental cars in Europe are generally with manual transmissions.   In Ireland, the wheel is on the right, so … the stick is on the left.  That took some time to get used to.

When driving around, I found Dublin’s surrounding areas to be very pretty. The pastures (or whatever …) are of a crazy green.  The pictures does not do justice to the color I saw.  I also saw countless sheep in the fields that day.  Seems to be pretty big business.

Another lovely sight on my trip.  Isn’t this is just the kind of stream where you wish you had a fishing rod and some worms?

The final picture could really be somewhere in the Caribbean.   The water is not as blue, but the scenery reminded me of some of the places I have visited, especially the British Virgin Islands.  I found the coastline to be very pretty.

Now back to Cayman … next post very soon!