A new restaurant just opened in Cayman

Its specialty is to serve local Iguana’s and bush chickens.  There is a overpopulation of both, so this is a brilliant idea.

In any case, we tried this place the other day, and all I can say is BBQ’s iguana is amazing.  Its a hybrid of pork and chicken.  The fritters were also great.

There is an article about this place in today’s Caymanian Compass.  Here is an excerpt :

“A new restaurant on Seven Mile Beach will feature green iguana on the menu at its signature dish.
The restaurant, called Iguana Have Some Fun, will also offer Cayman chickens, agouti and “other potential road kill”.
Restaurant owner Newt Lizzi said he got the idea when he heard a Mexican radio ad for 
barbecued iguana.
“I went to the restaurant and gave it a try and it was quite tasty,” he said. “I figured with all the green iguanas running around on Grand Cayman these days, why not? I might be on a wavelength far from home, but I think I can make this work.” Lizzi said the restaurant would prepare iguana several ways, including barbecued, it’s 
signature dish.”


Full article


Hope you visit it when you come to Cayman. I certainly plan to go again for lunch next April fools day! 🙂