Today & yesterday were big days for us.  On tuesday, we received the 20ft container from Tropical Shipping.  On wednesady, the movers came to pack the container & at 3pm the trucking company which delivered the container came to pick it up again. Once the movers left, then I had some running around to do.  I had to print & fax a bunch of documents.  DOH, all my stuff including my printer is in the container (I am using a laptop lent to me by my sister ; thanks sis)  So I went to see my friends at KPMG to print my inventory and then fax all the required documents to Tropical Shipping for the container. Then, off to BFL, an insurance broker to pay for the insurance & give them once again all the required paperwork. Then back home!

The last 3-4 days Julie & I had been going to bed really late making boxes & packing stuff.   Unlike a regular move where all you do is pack your stuff, we had to also make a detailled inventory with prices of everything (spoons, sox, etc.) for the container insurance & Cayman customs. Our inventory was 5 pages long …

  Here comes the containersans-titre-15.jpg

 In front of the house. sans-titre-25.jpg

 The night before I put almost all the boxes in the garage to make things go swiftly.


 There goes all our stuff.  It now goes to CN in Montreal.  Takes the train to New Brunswick on the weekend and then on the boat on sunday the 14th. It will be in Grand Cayman on the 25th of January barring a massive shipping incident. 🙂