Just kidding.  That’s just the slogan that I am sure many of you have seen in TV commercials. I was in Nassau last week.  Very nice place ; similar in many points to Grand Cayman : quite developed, flat terrain, nice beaches and a very quick flight from Miami.

While in Nassau (which is on the island of New Providence – pop +-300,000) I had a little bit of time to tour and see the sights.  My first activity on the week-end was to do a Segway tour!  Oh what fun that was!

Its essentially a 2h trek on an abandoned  lot that leads to a very pretty beach.  The real fun is riding the Segway. Its easy to learn and you have a smile the whole time.

For those who have never been on a Segway, here is a video.  Its probably a bad idea to film while driving this device and you will  see/hear near the end of the movie I hit a bump and almost had an accident 🙂

This island along the Segway tour apparently was in a scene in the James Bond movie Casino Royale.

Back in town, there is a HUGE mound of sand that can be seen ; see picture below.

I wondered what is was an asked the guy who does the Segway tours.   Well, to be able to accommodate the largest cruise ships (Notably the “Freedom of the seas”) the Bahamian government had to dredge the harbor. Apparently the project cost 3M$. I guess with the number of tourists that come to town on those mega-ships, its probably an investment that will pay off relatively fast.  Wonder what they will do with all of that sand.  I assume they will move it in relatively short order since any hurricane would put all of that sand right back where it came from.

While walking around town, I noticed an oil tanker coming towards port. Man-o-man, this ship must have been 100% full … notice how high the water line was.

I am sure this cruise ship setup is the envy of many people in Cayman!  There were 5 cruise ships in town on this particular day and they are all lined up at the dock.  Quite an efficient system if you ask me.

View of the beach!  All in all, Nassau is a very nice place.   A bit more crowded than Grand Cayman, but a great place to visit.

Here is the URL to the company that operates the tour. I highly recommend it.  Its definitely different that just staying at the beach, reasonably priced and lots of fun. On the tour I did, there were even two people who were doing it for a second time in as many weeks.