The Atlantic hurricane season peaks on Sept 10-11 ; its essentially 1/2 over, but it also means that now is the busiest time of the whole season

This graph says pretty much everything!

That’s the theory, but what about in practice?  Well, there are 3 active systems right now and one is heading right for Cayman.  The good news is that it looks like it will “only” be a tropical storm or something like that.  The forecast as it stands right now is for 4-8 inches of rain on Monday/Tuesday on both Cayman and Jamaica.

Here is what the system looks like right now.  Quick big!

That is all for now!  Stay tuned.  Looks big though. As you can see above, it stretches from Puerto Rico all the way to Aruba/Bonaire.  I think its a safe bet that we will get quite a downpour.