This week I had my mug shot in the local newspaper, “The Cayman Observer”.  Organizations can send in press releases to tell the business community about promotions & hirings.  This is not something I was used to in Montreal, but am told by a buddy of mine that in english Canada is done quite a bit.  In the first week of may, in another newspaper “The Journal”, I will have published the first of five montly security articles I am writing as a guest columist of the paper.  I will post it here when I comes out.

 Saturday was the annual KPMG beach day.  It was a great day to have a beach party. There was plenty of drinks, burgers, ribs, BBQ chicken, etc. Turnout was surprisingly low (free food & beer … go figure???), but it was great anyhow.  One of the other managers brought his sea kayaks.  Julie & I took one out for a 30 minute paddle along 7-Mile beach ; we really enjoyed it.  Thank goodness we had put on a lot of sunscreen though! We are now considering getting one for ourselves.

Here is a scan of the press release.  It made page 5 out of 32.  Not bad eh?  People actually read these things because on of my clients even sent me an email after reading it.


Here are some pics of the office beach day.