Some news from the island!

First, an email that made me laugh! Two of my dive buddies went night diving last week and had the unpleasant experience of getting stung by jellyfish.  This is quite rare, but like any place in the tropics, do get some jellyfish from time to time.  When night diving, its obviously very difficult if not impossible to see them.  Here is a copy of the email I received describing the ordeal (I have changed the names to protect the innocent) 🙂


There were four of us night diving last week just out in front of the condo where I live. My friend Mike got stung on the way out during the surface swim and we all bugged him because of how much he was complaining about the pain. He did about half the dive and then had to go back. On the surface swim back in I also got stung. I continued to mock him about the pain though and he said, “Just wait 15 minutes and you’ll find out what it really feels like”. Once on shore Mike was running to get his gear inside and then he sped off to the hospital. I didn’t go with him and tried to use hot compresses in the apartment to ease the pain but it only helped a little. The pain began to shoot from my leg up my side, across my chest and down the other side. My chest felt like it was being constricted and I was in a lot of pain. I grabbed my keys and ID and headed to the hospital behind Mike. Half way there he called me and made sure I was on my way because some other people were also in the emergency room for the same reason. By the time I got there the pain was quite blinding but of course they had me sit and wait in the waiting room…well it wasn’t even about 5 minutes later that I broke out in a sweat and started to shake uncontrollably that they decided to whisk me in. I remember a little kid in the waiting room saying, “Look mommy that man is starting to shake”.

Once with the doctor I asked if she could hurry up and give me some drugs that would be great because it felt like my balls were in a vice!  She cheekily replied, “Whoa, too much information!” Mike was beside me laughing because he did not break into a sweat or start shaking…revenge for me laughing earlier I guess. But the last joke was on him because since he was better off he had to keep on replacing the hot vinegar and water soaked towels on my leg as they cooled off, hahaha, my own little nurse.

Eventually they put an IV in me (Mike just got a shot in the ass) and gave me some great drugs. The shaking and sweating stopped almost immediately, thankfully. We were eventually sent home with some drugs in our pockets and prescriptions in our hands.  I had to have someone else drive my car back because I could barely walk. The other people in the emergency however had to stay over night…apparently they were much worse. Of course I couldn’t suffer with only Mike at my side so I called Marie and she took great care of me.

You know all those stories about people peeing on each other to ease the pain…you seriously consider it once the pain really starts. My friend Bill (who was here visiting) offered…I told him quite matter-of-factly to “censored“!

Just another story from Grand Cayman I guess…


Next up since we are on the topic of critters. Spotted this guy in the garage! 🙁  Lets hope he does not make it into the house.  He was too fast and I was not able to catch it.  Was a good 2.5-3 inches from side to side.

Lastly, some nice stuff!

The diving at Macabuca. Thats how us locals call it.  Most people know this as the turtle farm ; in fact just in front on the turtle farm in the district of West Bay.  There is an great dive site.  It has a protected cove to get in the water and then a nice 100 or so meter swim out to the “mini-wall” ; essentially a large coral formation with some drop offs, overhangs and other great things to see.  There are many large Tarpon’s that hang out here as well as many parrot fish and blue tangs!  Not sure if its a coincidence due to the proximity to the turtle farm, but I have often seen turtles at this dive site.

If you are looking for a really great shore dive or snorkel (only when ocean is really calm though since its a good swim out), its an awesome place.  Plus there is a bar & restaurant onsite for once you are done.