As many of you know, I seem to be going often to Miami.  Miami has become a sort of “Toronto” compared to when I was in Montreal.  Last week I was again in Miami.  Great place!  My client has an amazing view from their penthouse offices in one of the tallest buildings in the city.

One thing great about Miami is the shopping.  Not that I go to get anything fancy, but its amazing the things we take for granted in North-America.  Mundane items such as computer parts, lipsyl, soap or plant seeds are either unavailable in Cayman or are 2-3 or even 4 times more expensive.  I was in Miami only one nigth last week but took our largest suitcase. When I came back, it was completely full as was my laptop carry-on bag.  The Cayman government allows up to bring back duty free 400$ US worth of merchandise for personnal use.  So every time I go to Miami, we make a list of stuff and I  got at Walmart or Target. Everytime I come home Julie says its like Santa Claus visiting 🙂

Here is the view I had from the office I was using in Miami.



Here is a better picture of the CRV in Nagoya Japan.  Notice the mention “Grand Cayman” in the windshield.  It will hopefully be there early June.  Sure takes a long time