On June 19th we had the 18th annual Flowers seas swim. Its a 1-mile swim along  7-mile beach. This event is rated amongst the best sea swims in the world and again this year there were a few Olympic gold medalists in attendance.

This year, the swim was from North to south. Last year we did the opposite. Organizers decide about 36h before in which direction we will swim according to currents/tide/etc.

The start was right in front of the former Coutyard Marriott and went all the way to the Ritz Carleton.

Being an “optimal” kind of guy, I do not swim near the beach since 70% of swimmers are within say 50ft of the shore. I am more along the lines of 200-300ft off shore.  By swimming so close to many other swimmers, a kick in the face is almost assured.  Also, notice the curve in the beach.  By starting a bit further out (and not following the beach), I swam in a straight line (as least I think I did …) to the Ritz.  🙂

Just before the start … just under 800 swimmers. I am somewhere at the far end.

And we are off!  The fastest did this mile swim in under 18 minutes! Amazing. I did it at a leisurely pace and finished 531st at 46 minutes.  I’m pleased I have completed it without incident once again.  1-Mile is a very long swim.

They had a camera crew in the helicopter. At one point, he was hovering only a few feet from the water.

I took  few shots of Seven Mile beach. Had actually not been here in a while. So pretty. Gotta come here more often.

Driving back home, the Royal Poinciana’s at the entrance to Savannah are in full bloom.  I love how these form an archway over the road.

Lastly, we may have a few storms in the next few days. There was a potential for a tropical depression, but it dispersed. However, lots of cloud and rain in the forecast.