In my recent trips, I had a few days in the lovely British Virgin Islands.  Great place!  Well, in BVI there is a fabulous wreck dive to be done.  Its the wreck of the RMS Rhone which sank in 1867 during a hurricane.  Along with the 310-ft ship, over 100 people lost their lives in this maritime disaster.

For more information on this fascinating story, see:

Today, she is one of the most popular wreck dives in the world.  The movie “The deep” with Nick Nolte was largely filmed at this wreck.

Here are some pictures of two (the wreck is so big that it takes two dives to see the whole things) dives I did.  The stern is in +-80ft of water and the bow in +-50ft. Thanks to Jen & Mark for these underwater pictures.

From inside the bow

A school of fish hanging around an engine part of some sort.

Very weird looking fish. Anyone know what this is?

A very large Barracuda named “Fang”.  He has been around for so long that he now has a name. There is even mention of Fang in the Wikipedia page. When we saw him, he was just hanging under some wreckage.

A porthole with the window still intact after 150 years. Impressive!  The legend is that if you (the diver) rub your hand on it in a circular clockwise motion it will bring good luck. I did it, have not seen any additional luck yet 🙂

Below that diver is one of the propeller blades.  HUGE!

Returning to base after two amazing dives.