As most of you know, we are taking our dog & bird.  Many tests & procedures have to be followed.  The dog’s “biggest” test was the RFFIT test.  Its basically a test that proves she has the rabies antibodies.  Cayman requires this since they are a “rabies free territory”.  Easy right?  NOT.  First, 6 months ago we had a microchip implemented into her ; its basically a unique identifier, similar to a tatoo.  Then we had to get two rabies shots 6 months apart.  Then after 6 months & two weeks, we had a blood sample drawn for the RFFIT test.  Once that is drawn, we had to ship the sample via FedEx overnight to Kansas State University.  Turns out this is the only place in North America that does this test.  So we had to get a small cooler (10$), order dry ice (55$) to keep the sample cold over night & more in case it got caught up at US Customs, FedEx this whole thing (130$) and pay for the test (50$).  Now, tell me I dont love our dog! 🙂  Oh yeah, the test results are great!  She can be taken to Cayman.