(For those that have not been on the Blog recently, I made 2 posts this week.  See the other one right below)

got back from Turks & Caicos wednesday.  I spent 3 nights there.  Most of the time I was there, it rained. Feel sorry for those there on vacation and who paid 2800$ a week to be at the Club Med which was 500m from the hotel I was in.

Here is a picture of the hotel where i was.  It was actually a condo that they rent out when the owners are not there.  Very nice and roomy.


The hotel was on Grace Bay.  Probabably the nicest and most known beach on Providenciales, which is the name of the Island in Turks & Caicos where I was.


One of the most amazing places is not a beach. Its called “Chalk Sound” ; its a sort of bay with small islands and amazing turkoise waters.


Finally, with all the rain on the island, I witnessed the problem with not having any rain sewers (none of the islands have any)  Basically, when it rains too much, huge puddles form all over the place.  People with small cars (like i have with my rental car) have problems getting around.


Now back to Cayman.  On saturday morning, there was the annual “Humane Society Dog show”. I decided to go with Aipa and check it out. It was great fun. Below is a picture of some dogs being judged for one of the competitions.


I entered Aipa into two categories ; Best “First time entry” (dog who never were in the show before) and Best rescued (since we got Aipa from the SPCA we were elegible) Guess what???  For the “Best new entry” category ; there were about 50-60 dogs, Aipa got 3rd prize. 🙂


Finally, one evening Julie & I went with Aipa for a walk in another area of the island.  There was a horse in a field. We got a picture of the horse with Aipa.  Very cute 🙂